There are many evils in the world which can be best removed by confining our efforts to the localities in which they exist. But not so with slavery; that is not one of them. It is such an awful crime; it sends forth such contaminating breath; it so blunts and stupefies the mind and head; it so paralyses all that is humane and kind in the human heart, and is so well calculated to beget a character favourable to its own continuance, that the nation in which it exists has not the moral power necessary to effect its removal—(hear, hear). So that we must appeal to the world for aid in this movement. Slavery has well-nigh destroyed the national conscience of the United States. It has well nigh corrupted the entire fabric of religion. It has left us but a name to live when we are dead. We desire to infuse moral life into the United States—to infuse religious life into the American people.


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