Rev. Jesse Jackson agrees to step up for the family of Gabriella Calhoun, the honor student who was beaten unconscious by the police.  Calhoun’s case was brought forth on YourBlackWorld.com.  The student says that during a fight that occurred in a parking lot at a Denny’s restaurant, police officers were overzealous in targeting all of the African Americans inside the building.

Calhoun says she didn’t know the young ladies who were fighting and asked why she was being told to leave the restaurant.  A few minutes later, she says that an officer touched her, and she reacted without knowing that it was a police officer.  At that point, the officer knocked her unconscious, knocked out two of her front teeth and choked her.  She also says that she was forced to walk across a crowded restaurant bare-chested and was not given appropriate medical attention in jail.


Read more at http://www.yourblackworld.net/2013/07/black-news/rev-jesse-jackson-to-hold-a-rally-for-gabriella-calhoun-student-beaten-unconscious-by-police/



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