Interviewer R.S. Taylor Person Interviewed Uncle William Baltimore Resident Route #1, Pine Bluff, Arkansas, Jefferson County. Age 105. “You wants to know how old I is? Ifse lived a long time* Ifse goinf on 104* My granfmammy was over 100 years. My mamma was 100. My pappy was 96. They was twelve chilluns. I donft know if any of my sisters or brothers is livin1. Donft know if one of my friends back in my boy days is livinf. Pse like a poor old leaf left hangin1 to a tree. *Yes – I sho do man be r back befof the war. I was borne d on the Dr. Waters place about twleve miles out of Pine Bluff on the east side of Noble Lake. My granf mammy and gran1 pappy and my mamma and my pappy were slaves on de Walker plantation* I was not bought or sold- just lived on de old plantation* I wasnft whip^d neither but once I mi^ity near got a beatin*. Want to hear about it? I likes to tell* *Dr. Waters had a good heart. He didnft call us fslaves1* He call us fservants*. He didnft want none of his niggers whipped fceptin when there wasnft no other way. I was grown up pretty good size. Dr. Waters liked me cause I could make wagons and show mules. Once when he was going away to be gom all day, he tole me what to wasn’t no such good man as old master. He isanted tobe boss and told me what to do. I tole him de big boss had tole me what to de and I was goinf to do it. He got mad and said if I didnft do what he said Ifd take a beating. I was a big nig er and powerful stout. I tole the overseer fore he vhipje d me hefs show himself a better man than I was. Shell he fbund he was to have a figjit . he didnft say no more about the whipping.



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