*£unt Jane Peterson, old friend of mine, come to visit me nearly every
year after she got so old* She told me things took place in slavery times*
She was in Virginia till after freedom* She had two girls and a boy with a
white daddy* She told me all about how that come* She said no chance to
run off or ever get off, you had to stay and take what come. She never got
to marry till after freedom* Then she had three more black children by her
husband* She said she was the cook. Old master say, f Jane, go to the lot
and get the eggs** She was scared to go and scared not to go. He’d beat
her out there, put her head between the slip gap where they let the hogs
into the pasture from the lot down back of the barn. She say, ‘Old missis
whip me. This ain’t right.’ He’d laugh. Said she bore three of his
children in a room in the same house his family lived in* She lived in
the same house* She had a room so as she could build fires and cook break-
fast by four o’clock sometimes, she said* She was so glad freedom come on
and soon as she heard it she took her children and was gone, she said.
She had no use for him* She was scared to death of him. She learned to
pray and prayed for freedom. She died in Cold Water, Mississippi. She was
so glad freedom come on before her children come on old enough to sell*
4.   52
Part white children sold for more than black children. They used them for
house girls.
*I don’t know Ku KLux stories enough to tell one. These old tales leave
my mind. Ifm 66 and all that was before my time.
“Times is strange—hard, too. Bat the way I have heard they had to
work and do and go I hardly ever do grumble. I’ve heard so much. I got
children and I do the best I can by them. That is all I can do or say.*
Interviewer                                     Samuel S+ T’eylor
Person interviewed                                   R* B* Anderson
Route 4f Box 68 (near Granite)
Ags  76                                               Little Rock, Arkansas


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