Now you wants to know about this voting business. I voted for
Genral Grant. Army men come around and registered you before voting
time. It wasn’t no trouble to vote them days; white and black all
voted together. All you had to do v/as tell who you was vote for and
they give you a colored ticket. All the men up had different colored
tickets. Iffen you’re voting for Grant, you get his color. It was
easy. Yes Mam! Gol ‘er mighty. They v/as colored men in office,
plenty. Colored legislaturs, and colored circuit clerks, and colored
county clerks. They sure was some big officers colored in them times*
They was all my friends. This here used to be a good county, but I
tell you it sure is tough now. I think it’s wrong – exactly wrong
that we can’t vote now. The Jim Crow lav/, it put us out* The Constitu-
tion of the United States, it give us the right to vote; it made us
citizens, it did*



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