You just keeps on asking about me, lady* I ainTt never been axed about myself in my whole lifej Now you wants to know after rail- roading and steamboating what* They was still work the Yankee army wanted done. The war had been gone for long time. All over every place was bodies buried* They was bringing them to Little Rock to put in Govraint graveyard* They sent me all over the state to help bring them here. Major Forsythe was my quarteraaster then. After that was done, they pat me to work at St. John’s hospital* The work I done there liked to ruin me for life. I cleaned out the water closets. After a while I took down sick from the work – the scent, you know – but I keep on till I get so for gone I can’t stay on my feets no more* A misery got roe in the chest, right here, and it been with me all through life; it with me now.  I filed for a pension on this ailment.  I never did get it. The Govmint never took care of me like it did some soldiers* They said I was not a ?listed man; that I was a employed man, so I couldn’t get no pension. But I filed, like they told me* I telled you my number, didn’t I? 1,115,827, Boston Blackwell. I give my whole tine to the Govmint for nany years* White and black bofe always telling ne I should have a pension* I stood on the battlefield just like other soldiers* My number is in Washington* Major Forsythe was the one what signed it, riglit in his office* I seed him write it*



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