*In slavery time they would raise children just like you would raise colts to a mare or calves to a cow or pigs to a sow* It was just a business* It was a bad thing* But it was better than the county farm* They dldnft whip you if you worked* Out there at the county farm, they bust you open* They bust you up till you can9t work* Therefs a lot of people down at the state farm at Cunmins-~-thatfs where the farm is ainft it—that’s raw and bloody* They wouldn’t let you come down there and write no history* No Lawdl You better not try it* One half the world don’t know how the other half lives* I’ll tell you one thing, if those Catholics could get control there would be a good time all over this world* The Catholics are good folks* “That gang that got after you if you let the sun go down while you were out—thatfs called the Paterolee* Same folks call ’em the Xn Xlux* It was all the same old poor white trash* They kept up that business for about ten years after the War* They kept it up till folks began to kill up a lot of 9em* That9a the only thing that stopped them* My daddy used to make his own bullets*



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