Interviewer                                   Miss Irene Robertson
Person interviewed   John W* H* Barnett* Marianne. Arkansas
Age  81
*I was born at Clinton Parish, Louisiana* Ifm eighty-one years old*
parents and four children was sold and left six children behind* They
kept the oldest children* In that way I was sold but never alone* Our
family was divided and that brought grief to my parents* We was sold on a
block at Hew Orleans* J* J* Gambol (Gamble?) in north Louisiana bought us*
After freedom I seen all but one of our family* I don’t recollect why that
“For three weeks steady after the surrender people was passing from the
War and for two years off and on somebody come along going home* Some rode
and some had a cane or stick walking* ! Mother was cooking a pot of shoulder
meat* Them blue soldiers come by and et it up* I didn’t get any I know
that* They cleaned us out* Father was born at Eastern Shore, Maryland* He
was about half Indian* Mother1 s mother was a squaw* I9m more Indian than
Nefgro* Father said it was a white man18 war* He didn’t go to war* Mother
was very dark* His spoke a broken tongue*
“We worked on after freedom for the man we was owned by* We worked
crops and patches* I didnft see much difference then* I see a big change
come out of it* We had to work* The work dldnft slacken a bit* I never
owned land but my father owned eighty acres in Drew County* I donft know
what become of it* I worked on the railroad section* laid croastles* worked
in stave mills* I farmed a whole lot all along* I hauled and cut wood*
*•  108
*I get ten dollars and I sells sassafras and little things along to
help out* My wife died* My two sons left just before the World War* I
never hear from them* I married since then*
“Present times—I canft figure it out* Seems like a stampede• Mot
much work to do* If I was young I reckon I could find something to do*
•Present generation—Seem like they are more united* The old ones have
to teach the young ones what to do* They donft listen all the time* The
times is strange* Peoplefs children donft do them much good now seems like*
They waste most all they make some way* They donft make it regular like we
did farming* The work wasn11 regular farming but Saturday was ration day
and we got that**





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