Opinions ••It is too bad that the young Negroes don’t know what the old Negroes think and what they have done* The young folks could be helped if they would take advice.* Interviewer1s Comment ^ BadgetVs distinctions between jayhawkers, Ku KLux, patrollers, and Ku Klux KLan are most interesting* I have been slow to catch it* All my life, I have heard persons with ex-slave background refer to the activities of the Ku Klux among slaves jTrior to 1865* I always thought that they had the Klux KLan and the patrollers confused* Badgettfs definite and clear-cut memories, however, lead me to believe that many of the Negroes who were slaves usad the word Ku Klux to denote a type of persons who stole slaves* It was evidently in use before it was applied to the Ku Klux KLan* The words “Ku Klux” and “Ku Klux Klan” are used indiscriminately in current conversation and literature* It is also true that many persons in the present do, and in the past did, refer to the Ku Klux KLan simply ail “Ku KLux.” It is a matter of record that the organization did not at first bear the nan© “Ku Klux KLan* throughout the South* The name “Ku Klux* e.         83 seems to have grown in application as the organization changed from a moral association of the best citizens of the South and gradually came under the control of lawless persons with lawless methods—whipping and murdering* It is antecedently reasonable that the change in names accompanying a change in policy would be due to a fitness in the prior use of the name* The recent use of the name seems mostly imitation and propaganda* Histories, encyclopedias, and dictionaries, in general, do not record a meaning of the term Ku Klux as prior to the Reconstruction periods #717               ad Circumstances of Interview 5 TATE—Arkansas NAME OF VsOBKEE— Samuel S.  Taylor ADDRESS–Little Rock, Arkansas DATB—Decemher,  1938




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