“I have heard folks talk of buried treasure. Ifll bet
there fs more money under the ground than there is on it. They
didnft have banks then, and they put their money under the
ground. For hundreds of years, there has been money put under
the ground.
I heard my mother talk about their dances and frolics
then.  I never heard her speak of anything else. They didn’t
have much freedom. They couldnft go and come as they pleased.
You had to have a script to go and come. Niggers ain!t free
now. You can’t do anything; you got nothin1. This whole town
belongs to white folks, and you can’t do nothin1.  If nigger
get to have anything, white folks will take it.
“We raised our own food. We made our own flour. We wove
our own cloth. We made our clothes. We made our meal. We made
our sorghum cane molasses. Some of them made their shoes, made
their own medicine, and went around and doctored on one another.
They were more healthy then than they are now. This generation
don’t live hardly to get forty years old. They don’t live long




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