[A]fter the war they came to Mrs. Blakeley, the
soldiers did and accused her of keeping me against my     f
will* I told them t at I stayed because I wanted to, the
Blakeleys were my people. They let me alone, the whites did,
but the negroes didn’t like it. They tried to fight me and
called me names. There was a well near the square from which
everybody got water. Between it and our house was a negro
cabin. The little negroes would rock me. I stood it as
long as I could. Then I told Mrs* Blakeley. She said to
get some, rooks in my pucket and it they rocked me to heave
back* I was a good shot and they ran. Their mother came to
Mrs. Bkakeley to [complain], but she told her, after hearing
her thru that I had stood all I could and the only reason I
hadn’t been seriously hurt was because her children weren’t
good shots*    They never bothered me again*



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