…mother had Indian in her* She would fight* She was the pet of the people• When she was out, the pateroles would whip her because she didn’t have a pass* She has showed me scars that were on her even till the day that she died* She was whipped because she was out without a pass* She could have had a pass any time for the asking, but she was too proud to ask* She never wanted to do things by permission*

Birth I was born in 1864* I was born right here in Dallas County* Son» of the most prominent people in this state came from there* I was born on Thursday, in the morning at three o’clock, May the twelfth* My mother has told me that so often, I have it memorized* Persistence of Slave Customs “IShile I was a slave and was born close to the end of the Civil War, I remember seeing many of the soldiers down here* I remember much of the treatment given to the slaves* I used to say ‘master’ myself in my day* We had to do that till after ’69 or ’70. I remember the time when I couldn’t go nowhere without asking the ‘white folks*’ I wasn’t a slave then but I couldn’t go off without asking the white people* I didn’t know no better* “I have known the time in the southern part of this state when if you wanted to give an entertainment you would have to ask the white folks* So Didn’t know no better* For years and years, most of the niggers just stayed with the white folks. Didn’t want to leave them. Just took what they give fem and didnft ask for nothing different. “If I had known forty years ago what I know now! First Negro Doctor in Tulip, Arkansas “The first Negro doctor we ever seen come from Little Rock down to Tulip, Arkansas. We were all excited. There were plenty of people who didn’t have a doctor living with twenty miles of them. When I was fourteen years old, I was secretary of a conference.



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