“After slavery we had to get in before nig^it too* If you didn’t, [Ku Klux] would drive you in* They would come and visit you anyway* They had something on that they could pour a lot of water in* They would serai to be drinking the water and it would all be going in this thing* They was git tin1 it to water the horaes with, and when they got away from you they would stop and give it to the horses* When he got you good and scared he would drive on away* They would whip you if they would catch you out in the nlgit time* «Uy daddy had a horse they couldnft catch* It would run right away from you* My daddy trained it so that it would run away from any one who would come near it* He would take me up on that horse and we would sail away* Those Ku KLux couldn9t catch him* They never did catch him* They caught many another one and whipped him* My daddy was a pretty mean man* He carried a gun and he had shot two or three men* Those were bad times* I got scared to go out with him* I hated that business* But directly it got



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