Interviewer_______S. S. Taylor________
Person interviewed   Robert Barr______
3108 West 18th St.
Age  75        Little Rock, Ark.
___________•                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              >-¦

I am a minister of the Gospel. I have been preaching
for the last thirty years. I am batching here. A man does bet-
ter to live by himself. Young people got the devil in them now
a days. Your own children don’t want you around.
“I got one grand-daughter that ain’t never stood on the
floor. Her husband kicked her and hit her and she ain’t never
been able to stand up since. I got another daughter that ain’t
thinking about marrying. She just goes from one man to the
“The government gives me a pension. The white folks help
me all along. Before I preached, I fiddled, danced, shot craps,
did anything.
“My mother was born in Chickasaw, Mississippi. She was
born a slave. Old man Barr was her master. She was a Lucy
Appelin and she married a Barr. I don’t know whether she stood
on the floor and married then as they do now or not. They tell
me that they just gave them to them in those days. My mother
said that they didn’t know anything about marriage then. They
had some sort of a way of doing. 01′ Massa would call them up   —
and say, ‘You take that man, and go ahead. You are man and wife.’
I don’t care whether you liked it or didn’t. You had to go
ahead* I heard em say:  ‘Mgger ain’t no more’n a horse or cow*’
But they got out from under that now* The world is growing more
and more civilized* But when a nigger thinks he is something, he
ain’t nothin’* White folks got all the laws and regulations in
their hands and they can do as they please* You surrender under
em and go along and you are all right* If  they told a woman to
go to a man and she didn’t, they would whip her. You didn’t have
your own way* They would make you do what they wanted. They’d
give you a good beating too*


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