Interviewer                                        Samuel S* Taylor___________________
Person interviewed______________Rev* Frank T* Boone______________
1410 W* Seventeenth Street, Little Rock, Arkansas
Age  80
/  / 7^<£ C frt a-^^t^Q J
“I was born in Nansemond County, Virginia on my father’s place near
the center of the County* I was born free* We were members of the
colonies* You know there were what is known as Free Colonies* They were
Negroes that had always been free* The first landing of the Negroes in
America, they claimed, formed a colony* The Negro men who came over, it is
said, could buy their freedom and a number of them did*
“But I didnft become free that way* My ancestors were a white man and
an Indian woman* He was my great-grandfather* None of my family have been
slaves as far back as I know.
“There was one set of white people in Virginia called Quakers* Their
rule was to free all slaves at the age of twenty-one* So we got some free
Negroes under that rule* My mother who was a Negro woman was freed under
this rule. My father was always free*
“My grandmother on my father1 s side owned slaves* The law was that
colored people could own slaves but they were not allowed to buy them* I
donft know how many slaves my grandmother owned* I didnft know they were
slaves until the War was over* I saw the colored people living in the
little houses on the place but I didn’t know they was slaves*
“One morning my grandmother went down to the quarters and when she came
back she said to my aunt, fWell, the slaves left last night*f And that was
the first I knew of their being slaves*





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