Interviewer                            Miss Irene Robertson
Person interviewed  Vera Roy Bobo (Mulatto^ almost white)
Holly Grove, Arkansas
Age  62
“My parents came from Macon, Georgia* My mother was Margaret
Cobb* Her people were owned by the Cobbs# They reared her* She
was a house girl and a seamstress. She sewed for both white and
black* She was light color.
“My father was St. Roy Holmes* He was a C.M.E. preacher in
Georgia and later in Arkansas* He came on the train to Forrest
City, 1885. He crossed the Mississippi River on a ferry boat*
Later he preached at Wynne. He was light color*
*I never heard them say very much about slavery. This was
their own home*
“My husband’s father was the son of a white man also —
Randall Bobo* He used to visit us from Bobo, Mississippi* The
Bobos owned that town and were considered rich people* My
husband was some darker and was born at Indian Bay, Arkansas*
He was William Bobo. I never knew him till two months before
I married him* We had a home wedding and a wedding supper in
this house•”



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