“My father was born in Mississippi. His name was Simon
Barr. My mother and father both lived on the same plantation*
In all groups of people they went by their master’s name* Before
she married, my mother’s master and mistress were Appelins* When
she got married – got ready to marry – the white folks agreed to
let them go together.  Old Man Barr must have paid something for
her* According to my mother and father, that’s the way it was*
She had to leave her master and go with her husband’s master.
“According to my old father and mother, the Patteroles
went and got the niggers when they did something wrong. They
lived during slave -time. They had a rule and government over
the colored and  there you are. When they caught niggers out,
they would heat them. If you’d run away, they’d go and get you
and heat you and put you hack. When they’d get on a nigger and
beat him, the colored folks would holler, ‘I pray, Massa.1 They
had to have a great war over it, before they.freed the nigger.
The Bible says there is a time for all things…”




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