“After the abolition of slavery, cheap labor was in short supply. So companies,   growers and small-business owners all over the region colluded with law   enforcement to arrest African-Americans on the flimsiest of accusations.   Once charged, the accused were denied due process. Then as part of their   sentence, or to repay inflated “fines” and court costs, they were leased out   as virtually free labor and made to toil under inhumane circumstances. They   were often worked, literally, to death…The truth was that Williams, ordering the black foreman on his farm to help   him, methodically and sadistically murdered 11 of the convict workers after   federal law enforcement officers began investigating the source of his   workforce. Remarkably, both Williams and the foreman were convicted of the   murders by an all-white jury. Both men died in prison.”


Read the full story of this sadistic slave story at Atlanta Journal Constitution: http://www.ajc.com/news/business/slavery-by-another-name-unites-georgia-women/nQRGp/


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