“No mam I never seed a ghost. I doan believe in ghost. I hev buried many dead   people en dey doan cum to life egin. One time I wus preachin’ up on de Yazoo   river en a good old lady, named Katy, she wus de muther uf de church. Sister   Katy wus all bent over en couldnt lie down. En while de meetin’ wus going on   she died. Dey had her in a house on de coolin’ board en put weights on her   chest en legs to straighten her out ‘fore she got stiff, en de rest de niggers   wus in de other room prayin’ en singin’ en pattin’ deir feet when dey heard a   loud noise in de room where de dead woman wus. One nigger looked up en peeped   in dat room en sed, ‘O, Lord, I is leavin’ here’ en he left. De other niggers   looked in de room en left, en I left too, fur I wus not gwine ter stay wid dat   dead woman en she settin’ straight up on her coolin’ board. We all run up to   de white mans house whose place she died on en told him to cum en see fur   himself. He en sum more white folks cum down dar en sed de pattin’ uf de feet   shook de weights offen de woman’s chest en she riz. No I am not skeered uf   ghost but I jest naturly did not want ter stay dar by my self. De white folks   buried dat woman. Ebery time I goes to a wake, I watches fur dey corpse to set   up.”



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