“My father was whipped by the pateroles [White Gang of Patrollers] several times* They run him and whipped him* My daddy slipped out many a time* But they never caught
him when he slipped out* They never whipped him for slippin’ out* That
was during the time he was a slave* The slaves wasn’t allowed to go from
one master to another without a pass* My father said that sane times, his
young master would play a joke on him* My father couldn’t read. His young
master would give him a pass and the pass would say, ‘Whip Arthur Boone’s
— and pass him out* When he comes back, whip his •—«- again and pass him
back*’ His young master called hisself playin’ a joke on him* They
wouldn’t hit him more than half a dozen licks, but they would make him take
his pants down and they would give them to him jus’ where the pass said*
They wouldn’t hurt him much* It was more devilment than anything else* He
would say, ‘Whut you hittin’ me for when I got a pass?’ and they would say,
‘Yes, you got a pass, but it says whip your —-•’ And they would show it
to him, and then they would say, ‘You’ll git the res’ when you come back*’
My father couldn’t read no thin’ else, but that’s one word he learnt to
read right well*



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