Expectations of the Slaves
“I could hear my mother and uncle talk about what the slaves expected*
I know they was expecting to get something* They weren’t supposed to be
turned out like wild animals like they were* I think it was forty acres
and a mule* I am not sure but I know they expected something to be settled
on them*
What They Got
“If any of them got anything in Virginia, I don’t know anything about
it. They might have been some slaves that did get something—just like
they was here in Arkansas*
•Old Man Wilfong, when he freed Andy Wilfong in Bradley County,
Arkansas, gave Andy plenty. He did get forty acres of land* That is
right down here out from Warren. Wilfong owned that land and a heap more
when he died* He hasn’t been dead more than six or seven years* I
pastored him in 1904 and 1905* There were others who expected to get
something, but I don’t know any others that got it* Land was cheap then*



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