•Old Man Wilfong, when he freed Andy Wilfong in Bradley County,
Arkansas, gave Andy plenty. He did get forty acres of land* That is
right down here out from Warren. Wilfong owned that land and a heap more
when he died* He hasnft been dead more than six or seven years* I
pastored him in 1904 and 1905* There were others who expected to get
something, but I donft know any others that got it* Land was cheap then*
Andy bought land at twenty-five and fifty cents an acre, and sold the
timber off of it at the rate of one thousand dollars for each forty acres*
He bought hundreds of acres* He owned a section and a section and one-half
of land when he was my member* He had seven boys and two girls and he gave
them all forty acres apiece when they married* Then he sold the timber off
of four forties* Whenever a boy or girl was married hefd give him a house*
Hefd tell him to go out and pick himself out a place*
“He sold one hundred and sixty acres of timber for four thousand
dollars, but if he had kept it for two years longer, he would have got ten
thousand dollars for it* The Bradley Lumber Company went in there and cut
the timber all through*
“Wilfong’ s master’s name was Andrew Wilfong, same as Andy’s* His
master came from Georgia, but he was living in Arkansas when freedom came*
Later on Andy bought the farm his master was living on when freedom came*
His master was then dead*



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