“De shawl-strop folks what come in to take over de country tol’ us dat us had   a right to go to all de balls, church meetin’s, an’ ‘tainments de white folks   give. But one night a bunch o’ uppity Niggers went to a ‘tainment in Memorial   Hall. Dey dressed deysef’s fit to kill an’ walked down de aisle an’ took seats   in de very front. But jus’ ’bout time dey got good set down, de curtain   drapped an’ de white folks riz up widout a-sayin’ airy word. Dey marched out   de buildin’ wid dey chins up an’ lef’ dem Niggers a-settin’ in a empty hall.  

  “Dat’s de way it happen ever’ time a Nigger tried to git too uppity. Dat night   after do breakin’ up o’ dat ‘tainment, de Kloo Kluxes rid th’ough de lan’. I   hear’d dey grabbed ever’ Nigger what walked down dat aisle, but I aint hear’d   yet what dey done wid ’em.

  “Dat same thing happened ever’ time a Nigger tried to act lak he was white.  

  “A heap o’ Niggers voted for a little while. Dey was a black man what had   office. He was named Lynch. He out a big figger up in Washington. Us had a   sheriff named Winston. He was a ginger oaks Nigger an’ pow’ful mean when he   got riled. Sheriff Winston was a slave an’, if my mem’ry aint failed me, so   was Lynch.



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