“I was a teasin’, mis-che-vious chil’ an’ de overseer’s little gal got it in for me. He was a big, hard fisted Dutchman bent on gittin’ riches. He trained his pasty-faced gal to tattle on us Niggers. She got a heap o’ folks whipped. I knowed it, but I was hasty; One day she hit me wid a stick an’ I th’owed it back at her. ‘Bout dat time up walked her pa. He seen what I done, but he didn’ see what she done to me. But it wouldn’ a-made no dif’ence, if he had.

“He snatched me in de air an’ toted me to a stump an’ laid me ‘crost it. I didn’ have but one thickness ‘twixt me an’ daylight. Cent’man! He laid it on me wid dat stick. I thought I’d die. All de time his mean little gal was a-gloatin’ in my misery. I yelled an’ prayed to de Lawd ’til he quit.


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