I was too young to know what de war was ’bout, but one day I seen de Yankees   comin’. Dey was in long droves and beatin’ drums. It was a gran’ sight. Trufe   is de colored folks was glad to see ’em an’ jus’ laughed an’ laughed. Some of   ’em even shouted out loud.

  “After dat we all come to town. My maw was named Silvey Lewis an’ my paw was   Sam Lewis. He had trouble wid de overseer an’ was whopped. Den he got shot in   de laig or hip. Overseers was pretty mean ‘less dey happened to be quality.   Quality folks was kin’ to dey servants. He was choppin’ wood ‘Under de Hill’   when Natchez was shelled an’ he seen de big gun boat an’ de houses ketch   a-fire. Dat was de time de little Beekman girl got killed. Hit was turrible’.  



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