Interviewer                                     Samuel S* Taylor___________
Person interviewed                                   J* F* Boone
1502 Izard, Little Rock* Arkansas
Age  66
F d     llu tent    yii T?4-H^J

“My father’s name was Arthur Boone and my mother’s name was Eliza
Boone* I am goin’ to tell you about my father, Now be sure you put down
there that this is Arthur Boone’s son* I am J. F. Boone and I am goin’
to tell you about my father, Arthur Boone*
“My father’s old master was Henry Boone* My mother came from
Virginia–north Virginia—and my father came from North Carolina* The
Boone s bought them* I have heard that my father t Arthur Boone , was bought
by the Boones* They wasn’t his first masters* I have heard my father say
that it was more than a thousand dollars they paid for him.
“He said that they used to put up niggers on the block and auction
them off* They auctioned off niggers according to the breed of them* Like
they auction off dogs and horses* The better the breed, the more they’d
pay* My father was in the first-class rating as a good healthy Negro and
those kind sold for good money* I have heard him say that niggers some-
times brought as high as five thousand dollars*
“My father don’t know much about his first boss man* But the Boones
were very good to thenu They got biscuits once a week* The overseer was
pretty cruel to them in a way* My father has seen them whipped till they
couldn’t stand up and then salt and things that hurt poured in their
wounds. My father said that he seen that done; I don’t know whether it was
his boss man or the overseer that done it*
My father said that they breeded good niggers—stud ’em like horses
and cattle# Good healthy man and woman that would breed fast, they would
keep stalled up* Wouldn’t let them get out and work. Keep them to raise
young niggers from* I donft know for certain that my father was used that
way or nott I don’t suppose he would have told me that, but he was a
mighty fine man and he sold for a lot of money* The slaves weren’t to
blame for that*



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