“Afte he died, Miss Elviry’s brother, Mr. John Jones, an’ her mother, Miss   Fanny Jones, come to take charge of de plantation. De slaves thought Marse Dan   was hard, but when Marse John come he was de hardes’ man ever lived. De slaves   had a good time befo’. Marse John would give ’em a peck of meal ever’ Monday   mornin’ an’ tell ’em it had to las’ ’til nex’ Monday. He give ’em fo’ pounds   of meat, an’ dey had to grow dey own taters an’ garden. Marse John kep’ a li’l   book, an’ whenever a Nigger didn’ do right to please him, he put dey name in   dis book. Den when Friday night come, he would call up all de ones whose name   was in de book an’ tell ’em to strip, an’ dey had to pull off ever’thing, jus’   lak dey come into dis worl’, women an’ men. Den he would tell de driver to lay   on de lash, an’ would tell him jus’ how many lashes to put on each of ’em. He   laid de lash on heavy.

“De white folks had whut dey call de ‘patteroll,’ an’ when slaves visited   other plantations widout a pass, dis ‘patteroll’ would run you. Sometimes a   slave would run ‘way, an’ de ‘patteroll’ would run you down wid dogs, an’ den   de lash was laid on heavy. Sometimes dey tied you when night come, to keep you   frum runnin’ ‘way ag’in.



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