Voting and Political Activities
“I voted in South Carolina, but I wasn’t old enough to vote in Georgia\.
However, I stumped Taliaferro County for Garfield when I was in Georgia.
I lived in a little town by the name of lie Cray. The town I was in, they had
never had more than fifteen or twenty Republican votes polled* But I polled
between two hundred and three hundred votes* I was one of the regular
speakers* The tickets were in my care too. You see, they had tickets in
them days and not the long ballots* They didn’t have long ballots like they
have now* The tickets were sent to me and I took care of them until the
election* In the campaign I was regularly employed through the Republican
Campaign Committee Managers*
According to preparation and conditions there were less corruption
then than there is now. In them days, they had to learn the tricks. But
now they know them. Now you find the man and he already knows what to do”



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