Yes, the White Caps rode about here a lot, but they never bothered me. They   did run a lot of negroes off their places, but not me. You see it was like   this. The Jews owned a heap of this land, and put negroes on it to work and   when the years was out the negroes owed the Jews everything they made. The   white folks said the negroes stole from them.


They had the White Caps to ride at night and whip the negroes and make them   leave the Jews farm and go work for them. But they never got me.

I never saw the Klu Klux I heard they were riding about but they never came my   way.


“One time de White Caps got afte’ me, an’ I run an’ hid in a big thicket an’   stayed dere all night. Early nex’ mornin’ when I was creepin’ out, a white man   got me an’ said, ‘I am goin’ to whup you.’ Den he an’ I went together an’ afte’   while I got his gun; den I sho’ did foot it to de house whar Mr. Wright was. I   tol’ Mr. Wright an’ he tol’ me to let him see dat gun. I showed it to him an’   he said, ‘I know dat gun; you keep it.’ I done so, an’ afte’ five years, a man   give me $5.00 to git it back. No’m, de white caps didn’ whup me. Dat was de   only time dey got afte’ me.



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