I ‘member de time of de Civil Wah’ I was livin’ near Brookhaven an’ de Yankee   sojers comes marchin’ to town and smashed in sto’ doahs’ an’ windows, an’ all   us lil’ chillun’ sho’ did have a fine time ’cause we got pies an’ candy an’   sech lak–much as we could eat. We wished de Yankees would come every day!   People lef’ outten dat town den.

  Den we come to Crystal Springs durin’ de Wah an’ when Gen’al Bullerton come   raidin’ through here, he burnt up de deppo.

  Atter Shiloh was fought, some of de sojers was brought here to a kin’ of   hospital white fokes made out’n a two story sto’ right yonder where Lotterhos   and Huber’s sto’ is now. Once I ‘member when me an’ my brother come in to town   to sell eggs we saw through de window a doctor puttin’ a plaster or bandage on   a sojer’s back, an’ fo’ he was done wid it, de sojer fell over dead. I never   forgot dat sight.


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