“My father said that in about two or three months after the ^ar ended,
his young master told them that they were free* They came home from the
War about that time* He told them that they could continue living on with
them or that they could go to some one else if they wanted to f cause they
were free and there wasn’t any more slavery*
“I was born after slavery* Peace was declared in 1865, wasn’t it?
When the War ended I don’t know where my father was living, but I was bred
and bonx in Woodruff near Augusta in Arkansas* All the Booneses were there
when I knew anything about it* They owned hundreds and hundreds of acres
of ground* I was born on old Captain Boons fs farm*
My father was always a farmer* He farmed till he died* They were
supposed to give him a pension, but he never did get it* They wrote to us
once or twice and asked for his number and things like that, but they ne’er
did do nothing* You see he fit in the Civil War* Wait a minute* We had
his old gun for years• My oldest brother had that gun. He kept that gun
and them old blue uniforms with big brass buttons. My old master had a
horn he blowed to call the slaves with, and my brother had that too* He
kept them things as particular as you would keep victuals*
“Yes, my father [fight] in the Civil War* I have seen his war
clothes a3 many times as you have hairs on your head I reckon”

“He had his old sword and all. They had a hard battle down in Mississippi
once he told me* Our house got burnt up and we lost his honorable dis«*
charge* But he was legally discharged* But he didn’t git nothinf for it*
and we didn’t neither



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