“De Ku-Klux come to our house one night. We was livin’ in half de house an’   Uncle Jim in de other. They knocked on Uncle Jim’s door an’ say: “Let me in.”   He say: “Who are you?” They say: “I’m Ku-Klux.” “Well, jus’ stay out there   then,” he say. They all fell ‘gainst de doo’ an’ busted it open. Uncle Jim   reached fo’ his gun an’ they struck him ‘cross de hand. Out de doo’ he went   an’ Auntie right behind him. Grandma followed ’em but they saw her an’ grabbed   her ’round de throat an’ led her back in de house. By dat time I done got   scared an’ crawled under de bed. They left then but took Uncle Jim’s gun wid   ’em.”



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