From the WPA Slave   Narratives:
  J. P. T. Montgomery, Born 1854

  J. P. T. Montgomery was born in Claiborne County, Miss., in 1854. Though a   slave he was permitted to accompany the children of his owner to school and   was taught the rudiments of English as they passed along over them. He moved   to Port Gibson, Miss., in 1866, and from there to Hurricane, Warren County,   Miss., where he had the opportunity to take a course of private instructions   under Mary Virginia Montgomery. He also took instructions under three of four   other well known tutors. He studied law in the office of Capt. J. J. Whitney,   an ex-Confederate soldier and State Senator from Jefferson County and was   admitted to the bar at the May term, Circuit Court 1881. Judge J. B. Chrisman   was at this time presiding in this district, and Judge G. W. Shackford, Major   J. W. Reed and Michael Howard comprised the committee by which he was   examined. Added to his qualifications as a lawyer, Joshua Montgomery was a   practical engineer and a civil engineer, and many of the boundary lines   between properties in this neighborhood were defined by him. He came to Mound   Bayou 1887-88 and bought a small farm just out of town and some real estate   within the corporate limits. He held the position of City Attorney until his   death — 1913.

  Personal observation and knowledge, also family of personality.

  Transcribed by Linda Durr Rudd

  Mississippi Narratives
  Prepared by
  The Federal Writer’s Project of
  The Works Progress Administration
  For the State of Mississippi



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