“I just does ‘member my grandma. I never will forget a story she used to tell   me ’bout a certain old nigger woman what was owned by some white folks dat   didn’t low niggers to pray. Dis old nigger woman was down over de tubs washin’   one day an’ got so full o’ ligion she started prayin’. Her Marsa come to find   out de trouble an’ threatened to whip her fo’ disobeyin’ his orders. She said:   “You can whip me–you can kill dis body but you can’t kill my soul.” Marsa   say: “You God damn fool you ain’t got no sense no way.” Her marsa made like he   didn’t believe in ligion but after dat day dis old nigger woman prayed when   she wanted to an’ wasn’t nothin ever said bout it.”


Interviewer: Unknown   Transcribed by: Ann Allen Geoghegan  

Mississippi Narratives   Prepared by   The Federal Writer’s Project of   The Works Progress Administration   For the State of Mississippi



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