From the WPA Slave   Narratives:

 Nancy   Robinson age 86
  “I was’ bawn in ’51 an’ I belonged to Miss Betsy Cottingham. Yes’sum I was’   Miss Betsy’s own servant when we lived down in Claiborne County.   “My mama’s name was’ Amy Willis and she’s buried right out yonder at Ole   Crystal Springs in de white fokes’ cemetery long wid de Willises. She had   three chillun, there was Harriet, Massie an me.   “We was hired out sometimes an’ then we come to live out at de’ ole Trotter   place bout mile an a half from heah.   “No’m I never seed any slaves chained or sold an we lived in a lil’ ole house   bout size of this one I’se in now. Now the Trotter house was big an made out   o’ logs, hit was right fine.   “Us lil’ collud’ chillun’ played right long wid de lil white chillun. All us   growed up together. You know Mr. Byron Patton and Mrs. Emma Cook, all us came   up together.   “I was a house gal, I hep’d make up de beds, an hep’d wid de’ cookin’ an jes    played roun’.   “I remember when the Confederate war was, yessum, I carried many a basket all   fixed up to de sojiers.   “No’mam, they waren’t de yankee sojiers an I remember singin’ bout ‘Lincoln an   his Northern troops will never whup de South’ but I never seen Lincoln.   “We got whippin’s sometimes, reckin’ no more’n we needed tho.   “I was right glad to be free alright an’ I lived on out there fer’ a spell   after I was free.   “Lots a time I wanna go back out an see de ole place.”



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