From the WPA Slave   Narratives:   George Coleman Age 108

“I was borned on the Washington plantation in Richmond Virginia August 16,   1830. The reason I am sho bout my birth dat, is ’cause Mr. Wiley, the man I   now live with, writ back to the co’t house in Richmond where dey has all de   records of the slaves dat used to be on de Washington plantation, so I could   get dis old age pension.
  Yas’m de Washington plantation was a large one. Slaves were raised on a large   scale, it was a slave market you know. I guess there were two or three   thousand slaves on de place. When dey had a sale de slaves were placed on a   ‘slave block’ and auctioned off. The ones for sale would run down the road,   dance, or stretch to see if their wind was all right.



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