“Lawsy! I’s recallin’ de time when de big old houn’ dog what fin’ de run-away   Niggers done die wid fits. Dat man Duncan, he say us gwina hol’ fun’al rites   over dat dog. He say us Niggers might better be’s pow’ful sad when us come to   dat fun’al. An’ dem Niggers was sad over de death o’ dat poor old dog what had   chased ’em all over de country. Dey all stan’ ‘roun’ a-weepin’ an’ a-mournin’.   Ever’ now an’ den dey’d put water on dey eyes an’ play lak dey was a-weepin’   bitter, bitter tears. ‘Poor old dog, she done died down dead an’ can’t kotch   us no more. Poor old dog. Amen! De Lawd have mercy!’



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