“Our white Marsa didn’t ‘low his slaves to read an’ ‘rite. Went to de white   folks church an’ den wouldn’t low ’em to pray. Would whip ’em when day catched   niggers prayin’ at home or anywhere else. Dey told me ’bout one old woman   (Nigger) on de place dat prayed a heep but she allus put her head down in de   pot when she went to pray so as de white folks couldn’t hear her. One day dis   old woman was a prayin’ in de pot an’ got so full o’ ‘ligion ’till she got her   head out dat pot an’ was jus’ a tellin’ de news. Old Missus heard her an’ went   to see what was de matter. Missus, she got happy an’ finally Marsa heard ’em   an’ went to see what de trouble was. Marsa, he got full o’ ‘ligion too an’ dey   all had a big time. After dat day dey said dey never did whip ’em fo’ prayin’   no more. Course dey wouldn’t let ’em pray durin’ work hours.”



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