“Marsa Mike Turnipseed, missus and their two sisters lived in a big frame   house all fixed up and ever thing but us niggers, we lived in little log   cabins nearby. Marsa, he sho’ wuzn’t good to my mammy and pappy and when de   war was over we never took his name. No sir, us took my pappy’s old name.   Missus she was purty good to my mammy. She let her help spin when she didn’t   have to work in de field.”
The overseer was some kin of Marsa Turnipseed but he was a good man and   treated my ma and pa right.”

“Marsa had a great big farm. I could go right to de very spot today. There was   five or six families on de place. I can’t member much about how Marsa treated   my ma and pa but dey said he sho wuzn’t good to um.”

“No sir, no white folks didn’t learn me to read and ‘rite. Nobody didn’t read   the Bible to me. Us niggers didn’t go to school or hear no preachin down on   Marsa Turnipseed’s farm. Slaves worked Saturday afternoons same as other days.   On Sundays we just set round de house. Marsa didn’t low us to have no parties   and picnics.”



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