“Durin’ slavery days I went wid de white folks to church. I ‘members de first   person I saw shout was a white woman an’ she started shoutin’ right by me.   Believe me I darted out dat meetin’ house. Old miss grabbed at me when I   started by her but shucks, I was gone then. When they got home I was there   settin’ on the steps.”


No I didn’t learn to read and write but my folks teached me to be honest and   mind old Miss and granny. Dey didn’t want us to learn how to go to de free   country.

We had a neighborhood church and bof black and white went to it.

Dere was a white preacher and sometimes a nigger preacher would sit in de   pulpit wid him.

The slaves set on one side of the isle and white folks on de other. I allus   liked preacher Williams Odem, and his brother Daniel De slidin elder. De come   from Ohio, Mars Bob Allen was head steward. I members lots of my favorite   songs. Some of dem was, “Am I Born to Die”, “Alas and Did My Savior Bleed”,   “Must I to de Judgment be Brought”. The preacher would say, “Pull down de line   and let the spirit be a witness, working for faith in de future from on high.”



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