“Course I was born here on Marsa Weatherall’s place an’ started doin’ little jobs ’round de place soon as I was big ’nuff. Two years befo’ de surrender they started me workin’ regular in de field an’ doin’ grown folks work. My old boss whipped me de first day I worked ’cause I lost de cuttin’ colter. I ‘member one day de old boss hollowed fo’ me to bring him some water. I looked an’ saw de white chillun comin’ from school at dat time an’ told him if he wanted any water to go get it his self ’cause I’s gone after dem dinner buckets to get dem fried ‘taters an’ ever thin’. Old boss sho’ would-a whipped me dat time but old Missus wrapped me up in her dress. Old Miss sho’ was a good ‘ligious woman.”



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