Don’t ask me nothing about all them men ’cause I sure don’t know nothing about   the, and all I is heard of them is that Abraham Lincoln wanted to free the   slaves and Jefferson Davis would not let him, so they had to fight it out.   Some of the colored fought on one side, and some on the other. They was just   like children. The ones whats got good Mas and Pas wants to stay with them,   and the ones whats got mean ones, wants to leave them. The shame of the times   is the way children these days is being brought up. They just comes up   themself. Yes sir, its a crying shame. They just don’t have no respect for me,   with my head as white as snow. They got no religion and folks is bad off when   they don’t have the Lord to depend upon. The parents no better than they are.   Thats why I say, I don’t class with none of them. I lives by myself and with   myself. “Good morning, How is you today?” is as much conversation as I lets   pass my lips.
  Interviewer: Unknown   Transcribed by Ann Allen Geoghegan
  Mississippi Narratives   Prepared by   The Federal Writer’s Project of   The Works Progress Administration   For the State of Mississippi


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