I was conjured once, and only once, in my life by a man who gave me some   whisky in a black bottle. Two minutes after I swallowed that whisky, pains   went through me like a knife. I begun running fast as I could cause I knowed   right them I had been hoo-dooed. I would have died if a man hadn’t told my   wife three things to mix together and give me. Fore I took it he said if you   ain’t conjured this will kill you, but it will cure you if you is. I knowed I   was, so I took it and it proved I was cause right then I started getting   better and shortly I was well. If you gets conjured the only way for you to   get cured or have the spell lifted is to go to some one who knows more bout it   than the one who conjured you. Some folks wore different things in their shoes   to keep the spells off. I don’t believe nothing like that could help none.   Spirits don’t show their self now like they used to. There was a time you   couldn’t stay in certain houses they bothered you so. My grandmother sent me   to the crib one night for to get some corn. When I got nearly there I could   hear fiddling and dancing going on. The crib was the place dances had been   held. Mr. Canons’ place was next to ours. He had so many slaves and nothing   much to feed them on. They all went hungry. Every evening if you passed his   graveyard you could hear babies crying, you sure could hear it, and I aint the   only one what could prove it. You know that boy Julious that drives the dray   around town? I raised that boy and he sure has turned out to be a good man.   His mother died when he was little and I took him to care for. One day I gave   him a sound whipping ’bout something he done wrong. That same night when I   went out in the yard, I seed his mother just hovering over his little wagon. I   seed her just as plain as if she had never died.



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