I had an uncle named Abe Jone he whipped him   till his shirt all stuck to his back and my mother had to put grease on him to   get the shirt off. What he was getting punished for was telling the slaves   they was going to be set free. They took Abe after that to town and locked him   up in jail. We aint never heared of such a thing before as a slave being put   in a white man’s jail. That man Bryant gave my mother a beating once when she   was sick. Some says that beating caused her death. I can’t say that it did and   I can’t say that it didn’t, but I do know, she never got up out of that bed no   more till she died and they carried her out. After she died my father got an   ax and went to Mr. Bryant’s house to kill him. Somebody at the house seed him   and he ran off to the woods and hid. They shot at him as he ran, and the shot   hit him in the heel but that didn’t stop him and they had to get the hounds   out ‘fore they could find him. Mr. Whitehead was called the negger taker. He   was the one what got the hounds and caught my father. Old Master didn’t let no   whipping go on about that till he was right there to see to it that it wasn’t   given too hard. That was the only trouble I ever member betwixed the colored   and whites. What happened the niggers didn’t get hold of, and if they did,   they better not talk bout it. We wasn’t ‘lowed to leave the place ‘less we had   a pass. If we slipped off, the patrollers would sure catch you.



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