We didn’t have no colored churches on the place. We went to the white folks   Baptist Church. All that preachers teaching to us was, when you serve your   master, you is serving God. They didn’t allow us to hold no services of our   own. We did hold them anyway. We would turn all the pots over so we wouldn’t   be heared. When pots is turned over in a house they catch all the echo and not   a sound can be heard outside. Old Miss taught us Bible every Sunday. I never   tended a real service where they had singing and praying and moaners’ bench   all such as that till I was grown. We didn’t have no teachers to learn us to   read and write but I sure did learn to read the Bible, how I don’t know, but I   could read it today or some parts of it, if it wasn’t my eyes is too bad for   me to see with.



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