“My ole Massa was a good man. He treated all his slaves kind, and took
good kere of ’em. But, honey, all de white folks wan’t good to dere
slaves. I’s seen po’ niggers ’mos’ tore up by dogs and whupped ’tell dey
bled w’en dey did’n’ do lak de white folks say. But, thank de Lawd, I
had good white folks and dey sho’ did trus’ me, too. I had charge of all
de keys to de house, and I waited on de Missis’ and de chillun. I laid
out all de clo’se on Sat’dy night, and den Sunday mawnin’s I’d pick up
all de dirty things. Dey did’n’ have a thing to do. Us house servants
had a hahd job keepin’ de pickaninnies out’er de dinin’ room whar ole
Massa et, cause w’en dey would slip in and stan’ by his cheer, w’en he
finished eatin’ he would fix a plate for ’em and let ’em set on the



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