“Dey was good to us ’caze Lady Liza’s son, Mr. Willie Larkin, was de
overseer for his ma, but co’se sometime dey git among ’em an’ thrashed
’em out. One time one de niggers runned away, old Caesar Townsy, an’ dey
sarnt for Dick Peters to come an’ bring his “nigger dogs.” Dem dogs was
trained to ketch a nigger same as rabbit dogs is trained to ketch a
rabbit. So Mr. Willie Larkin told Stuart for to say to old man Dick
Peters when he come, ’I’m gone,’ but for him to come on. ’I’m gwineter
keep de road,’ he say, ’an’ cross ’Bigbee at Moscow landin’.’ So ol’
Dick Peters, he kept de road lack he tole him to, an’ he cross ’Bigbee
at Moscow landin’ over in de cane-brake. But dem nigger dogs didn’t
never ketch ol’ man Caesar. He stayed right wharever he was at ’twell
after S’render, an’ de War done ceased. Den he come out, but iffen he
had a been caught, dey’d a used him up pretty rough, but he stayed hid
twell de time done passed.



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