“I ’members us’s Ole Mistis, Miss Dell. Miss Dell was a good Mistis an’
she useter hab Sunday School ebber’ Sund’y mornin’ at de Big House an’
all us li’l niggers went up dar for her to teach us ’bout de Bible an’

“Marse John was good to all he slaves an’ he wouldn’t stan’ no rush er
meanness to his niggers. Iffen de o’seer got mean, Ole Marster would
turn him off. Ole Marster allus tuk good keer of he slaves, ’caze when
dey got sick, he hab de doctor, jes lak when de white folks got sick.
One o’ Marse John’s boys, Marse Bennie, was a doctor, an’ he was a good
doctor, cep’n’ he gin us bad med’cin’, but he cyured you.



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