“I knowed Ole Marster went to de war, ’caze I heerd de folks talkin’
bout hit an’ wonder iffen Ole Marster gwine git kilt. Den I heerd ’em
say de niggers was free, but us didn’t leave Ole Marster for ’bout a
year atter de s’render. Den us went to lib on de young mistis’ place at
Barlow Bend, atter she ma’ed Mr. Bob Flynn. Right dar I stayed twell I
was grown and ma’ed. Den de fust move to town, us come up de Alabama
Ribber to James’ Landin’. I members all de big boats on de ribber. Dey
sho’ was fine ’uns.

“Den, I ’members atter I growed up dey tell ’bout how de Yankees comin’
here an’ how dey pester de white folks an’ de niggers, too. Broke in dey
smoke-houses, burn ’em up an’ t’row t’ings away an’ lef’ nobody nottin’
to eat. I don’t ’member dat ’caze I was too li’l.”



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