“Lady, you ax me iffen us knowed anyt’ng ’bout hoodoo? Yes, ma’am dere
sho’ was folkses what could put spells on you. I sho’ was skeered o’ dem
kin’ too. Atter I was nearly growed, dere was a gal name Penny what been
down sick a long time an’ dere was a cunjer doctor wukkin’ on her tryin’
cyure her, but her wan’t ’greeable, so he let her die. Den a boy, name
Ed, he had a mis’ry in he foot, an’ hit went up he leg an’ he cripple.
Dere was a hoodoo doctor in de forks o’ ’Bigbee Ribber come tend on him,
an’ he tol’ ebber’body git outten de house ’cep’n’ him an’ Ed an’ de
Debil. He cyured Ed smack well.

“My mammy said I was borned wid a ’zernin’ eye to see sperits, an’ I
seed sump’n lak a cow wid no haid. So mammy made me stir de fresh lard
when dey was rendin’ hit, ’caze dat cyures you of seein’ de sperits.
Atter I stirred de lard, I didn’t see ’em no mo’.

“One time I was splittin’ rails wid a nigger what could do anythin’, but
he was a bad man an’ I was ’feered of him. I tol’ him, iffen I had a
pain or anything hurt me, I sho’ would kill him wid my ax. I wudda split
dat nigger wide open, jes’ lak I split dem rails, iffen he try dat
hoodoo on me.\



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